How we help the planet

Carrier bags

We only use eco friendly bags that break down in the shortest possible time.
There are paper bags to use within the store. We encourage customers to use our cardboard box's by the tills


We really try to sell as much produce as possible that does not have plastic wrapping. This can be seen when you see our displays at the front of the store


We moved to low energy lighting some time ago.
Our new refrigeration is using the most energy efficient motors that we could find

Fruit & vegetable wastage

We hate to see any produce just thrown away.
We have several animal sanctuary's that collect our waste. we also work with Food banks when possible and donate what is fit to eat.

Cardboard box's

We put all useful box's, trays at the checkouts for customers to use to avoid them using carrier bags.


We send as much packaging from our fresh suppliers back to them to be re-used. The cardboard that cannot be used is bundled and sent away to be re-cycled.

Same ownership for over 30 years

The Directors have worked together at Polhill for over 30 years. What started as a small unit has grown to what you see now.
They have always tried to obtain local produce and source food items that have been developed by people living locally.

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